Thursday, June 2, 2016

DFS Week 3 Reaction

This past week, I completed approximately 7 hours of work so far. I met with my mentor yesterday and we finalized the questionnaire...again! We went through it one last time to make last minute edits. This was helpful to look at it after we both had set it aside for the long weekend. Fresh eyes! Jason then emailed the different directors, attaching the questionnaire, for scheduling the interviews. We are hoping that we will set up interviews starting next week. There are some who are located in Tucson and Flagstaff, so those will likely be done via phone or skype. One of the people attended the networking/happy hour last week, so it was nice to get a positive and excited response already. A couple of people stopped by to say hello and check in on my work so far. So more people are hearing about what I am doing, which will hopefully make these interviews more feasible. In the future, I will be attending any other future events. The exposure has been quite beneficial to get me known around the department.

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